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A2 milk is pure, natural milk without added growth hormones, antibiotics, or other additives. It's safe for cows and safe for you! Even though it might cost a little more than regular milk at the grocery store, it's worth it.

A2 milk is the only type of animal milk that has been scientifically shown to be both compatible with humans and easily digested by them. When cows are switched to A2 type milking in the last eight weeks of their pregnancy or before they give birth - this significantly increases life expectancy, reduces medical costs, and substantially improves fertility rates in cows.

The secret to A2 milk is in the protein. All cows make two types of protein: A1 and A2. The A1 protein is the bad one that causes problems for human digestion. Most cows (99%) worldwide make the A1 type of protein, but some cows make healthier A2 protein. By switching to A2 milk, you can get the healthy A2 protein without digestive problems. And that's why A2 milk is so good for you!

When you drink the milk of a cow that makes A1 protein, most of it passes through your digestive system unchanged and is eventually reabsorbed into your bloodstream. This is not the case with cows making A2 protein. Only 10% of the protein in A1 milk passes undigested through your digestive system and ends up in her bloodstream. In contrast, 10% of all the protein in A2 milk will be digested and absorbed into her bloodstream so she can make more healthy proteins for herself, just as we do.

Benefits of A2 milk

In case you're still on the fence about whether or not to switch from cow's milk to A2 milk, here are just a few of the benefits that might persuade you to give it a shot.

  • There is virtually no lactose in A2 milk, which means there is no risk for those with lactose intolerance.
  • A2 milk has three times more calcium than regular cows' milk, and its protein content is much higher.
  • A2 milk is easier to digest than regular milk, making it a better choice for babies and the elderly.
  • The A2 milk supply is safe from mad cow disease and other diseases.
  • A2 milk has been shown to reduce the effects of milk allergies by 50%.
  • A2 milk contains only trace amounts of insulin, which means that if you are trying to lose weight, it won't affect your efforts in any way.
  • It's organic! The cows that produce A2 milk have access to organic feed and graze on pesticide-free pastures.
  • A2 Milk contains zero cholesterol, which is a major benefit for those trying to cut back or eliminate higher blood cholesterol from their diets.
  • Regular consumption of A2 ghee reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

A2 milk vs A1 Milk?

People have been arguing about the health benefits of A2 milk versus A1 milk for years now, and the controversy is still intense. This section will explain all of the latest research and opinions on this topic so that you can decide what type of milk is right for you.

The confusion begins with their names: A1 and A2 are two possible codes assigned to cows' milking systems. Both the A1 and the A2 systems are proteins. The two proteins are called casein or rennin. 

Here's how it all works: cows, like humans, produce casein when they break down a specific type of protein in their stomachs called trypsinogen. A protease enzyme breaks down trypsinogen into a smaller protein called pro-protease or trypsin, which then works on the casein to make it into two different molecules: alpha and beta-casein.

Humans can't make these two types of caseins usually, so we have to get them from our food.

A2 Milk and Milk products

Every year, millions of people around the world get sick from diseases caused by contaminated milk products. Milk is a hefty part of many of our diets, and these numbers are just a few reasons why you should be cautious about where your milk comes from.

The good part is that A2 Milk products only come from cows raised on pasture and are never treated with antibiotics or hormones. This means they're free from contaminants like bacteria, chemicals, and other substances found in different types of milk products. Milk products such as A2 ghee, paneer, and butter carry the same benefits and properties similar to A2 Ghee. 

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