We all have heard and even experienced that Milk is one of the healthiest foods in the world. Also, it is common knowledge that every food has its adulterated and unadulterated version, and Milk is not an exception. Milk is also known for being a food type that can be easily adulterated. Also, according to a survey, milk will be the most contaminated drink. A2 Milk is considered a forward step to reduce the adulteration and solution to the issue mentioned above. This blog will mainly focus on A2 Milk, the benefits of A2 Milk, and the difference between Regular and A2 Milk.

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What is A2 Milk?

Usually, talking about the components present in Milk consists of 87% water, 5% lactose, 4% milkfat and 3.5% milk protein, and other vitamins. This milk protein mainly contains caseins, which can be divided into alpha, beta, gamma, and kappa caseins. The main difference between A1 and A2 milk is the change in one amino acid in the beta-casein chain. 

A2 Milk comes from indigenous cows like Gir and Red Sindhi with A2A2 genetic characteristics, whereas A1 Milk is produced by cows with A1A2 and A1A1 genetic markers. 

Problem with A1 Milk

In the book ‘Devil in the milk’ written by Keith Woodford, a section provides a link between A1 beta-casein and illnesses such as heart diseases, type 1 diabetes, autism, and schizophrenia. It is also believed that A2 Milk offers a better tolerance to lactose sugar for lactose-intolerant people; however, it is not proven scientifically yet. 

Other problems with A1 regular milk include intestinal discomfort and indigestion, which helps the body gain bad cholesterol and promotes fat accumulation within the blood vessels, leading to cardiovascular diseases. A1 Milk is proven to increase the risk of Type-1 diabetes on regular consumption. 

Benefits of A2 Milk

A2 Milk is scientifically proven to be healthier and reported to provide many health benefits upon regular consumption of A2 Milk. Some of the health benefits include: 

Strengthens your Bones & Teeth: As A2 milk is rich in Calcium and other minerals. This can also help during your aging as it’ll help to catalyze bone and teeth growth. This reduces the risk of osteoporosis. 

Improves your Immune system: Daily consumption of A2 Milk ensures 90% of your daily omega-3 fatty acid requirements and helps the body cure muscle and joint pains and other illnesses due to aging. Omega-3 fatty acid also helps to keep our blood pressure healthy. Also, A2 Ghee made from A2 Milk can be used for weight management and maintaining good cholesterol in our body. 

Leads to healthy eyes: As A2 milk is proven to be rich in Vitamin A, it helps to maintain our retinas and corneas. Regular consumption of A2 Milk also helps prevent cataracts and keeps your vision sharp. 

A1 to A2: A gradual change

As we all know the benefits of A2 Milk now, there is a hindrance factor, limiting the public from buying A2 Milk. As the population is used to purchasing regular Milk for years, it is hard for them to stop trusting the lifelong habit and suddenly start purchasing A2 Milk. The awareness regarding the benefits of A2 Milk and why one should begin reducing the consumption of A1 Milk should be spread widely through media and other means. This can gradually guide people to change from A1 Milk to A2 Milk.  

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