Nutrients available in A2 milk

Most of us may or may not be aware of the general health benefits and nutritional value of the items we consume in our everyday diet; milk being one of the essentials. So how do you know if it is right for you? In this blog, we will be taking a look at the Nutrients available in Milk. Milk is a rich source of protein and calcium. Among the various types and grades of milk, the nutritional value of A2 milk is higher than the regular milk available in grocery stores. A few years back most of us didn’t even have access to healthier options of milk like A2. But now it is available and it is our responsibility to use it so that your body receives the right type of nutrition in the right amounts.


What is A2 milk?

A2 milk is a type of milk that is only produced by native Indian cow breeds like Gir, Sahiwal and Sindhi. Several years back, other breeds of cows were also able to produce A2 milk. But when human beings began to domesticate cattle for their dairy purposes cows began to produce A1 milk. You must be wondering what A2 and A1 mean? Hold on, we will explain what it is. The protein content of milk can be classified into two types one is whey and the other is beta-casein. A2 and A1 are the types of beta-casein found in the milk of cows.

We can wholeheartedly agree that both types of milk are extremely beneficial to our body. But since A2 has better health benefits, physicians are now recommending A2 milk to infants, toddlers, and teenagers. Even people with mild lactose intolerance can consume A2 milk as it can be easily digested by our intestines compared to regular milk. Considering the numerous benefits of A2 milk, many people have already switched to it.

Where can you get A2 Milk? At Poorvika of course. We at Poorvika don’t do any sort of pasteurization or homogenization to our A2 milk ensuring that it retains maximum nutrients. After milk undergoes homogenization, its creaminess is partially lost because this process reduces the amount of fat present in the milk. Since Poorvika A2 milk is completely free from these kinds of processes you can also use our A2 milk, to prepare amazing dairy products at your home.

Nutrients available in A2 milk:

Protein and Calcium are the most prominent nutrients available in A2 milk. However, it also comprises other essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, sugar, fat and potassium. A2 milk has vitamin A, D, and B12 in abundance. All these nutrients are essential for growing children.
What protein does to our body is, it helps us increase our immunity, making us strong. But how does protein make us strong? It assisting muscles to grow during periods of muscle tissue repair and regeneration. Calcium helps to strengthen bones and teeth.

A2 milk is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acid is also one of the essential nutrients that help to maintain triglyceride levels in our blood. Triglyceride is a kind of fat that is primarily responsible for cardiac arrest. It gets deposited in our body and thickens our arteries and eventually leads to a stroke. But you can actually avoid this kind of complication by consuming A2 milk on a regular basis. The price of A2 milk starts from rupees 60 on the official Poorvika Dairy Website.
Kanakarajan Sivakumar