The A2 milk company – Our cows and farm

Milk is a great source of protein and calcium, especially it is great for kids, teenagers, and pregnant women. Most of us grew up by drinking milk either out of our own will or by compulsion because our parents knew the greatness of milk. But back then most of us didn’t have access to become healthier, options which are known as the A2 milk. Unlike other industries, companies don’t use A2 for marketing purposes. Because A2 isn’t a fancy term like most of us think. It is the name of beta-casein found in milk. Most of the companies sell A1 milk and since A2 has more nutritional value than A1, so we have stepped into the dairy industry. Thus we can offer better products which will enhance the health condition of our body. This blog will be a description of our cows and farm.

What is A2 Milk? 

Milk is made of two types of proteins one is Whey and another is Casein. A2 is a kind of Casein that is predominantly found in our native Indian breed cows. Our cows are able to produce A2 milk because the body of native breed cows is made up of two copies of A2 DNA. These cows are still able to produce A2 milk because were not part of the genetic mutation that happened several years ago.

Our company is most commonly known by the surname The A2 milk company. Because our mission is to make A2 milk accessible for everyone. And our entire belief is built on satisfying consumers which will eventually make our products succeed in the market. Our A2 milk has passed world-class quality standards and our cutting-edge technology ensures consumers get milk in the best condition. A2 milk from our farm which is home to several native breed cows.

Our Cows and Farm

Without our cows, our company’s mission will always remain mission impossible. But it has now become mission possible only because of native breed cows. The A2 milk from our company is from Gir Cow.

Gir is one of the popular native breeds. It is from the Gir hills and the forests of Kathiawar. Gir cow played a pivotal role in developing the Brahman cow breed. On average, a female Gir cow weighs around 340 kilograms.

Gir cow is just the only secret behind our healthy A2 milk. Feed-in our farm helps Gir cows to produce healthy A2 milk by staying healthy for a long time. We make feed out of plant material so that the cow doesn’t face any complications while producing A2 milk.

The next important thing about our A2 milk is, it is absolutely free from preservatives, additives that will dilute the nutritional value of A2 milk to some extent. Our laboratory experts also ensure the fat content in A2 milk remains intact so that you can make creamy cheese, paneer at your home itself. There are other amazing milk products you can prepare with our A2 milk and the taste of every product is unmatched. The price of Poorvika A2 milk starts from rupees 60.

Kanakarajan Sivakumar