What is A2 milk and its health benefits

Physicians all over the world recommend anyone who is above 9 nine years must drink 3 glasses of milk. This recommendation paves the way to a question Why must we drink milk? The answer is simple, it has several vital nutrients which help to strengthen our bones and teeth. Other than Calcium milk is also a great source of protein, potassium, and phosphorous. It is because of the nutritional value our parents have always insisted we drink milk every single day. Back then most of us had no clue about the health benefits of A2 milk. Thus we were simply consuming milk without even knowing whether the milk belongs to A2 or A1. But after the advent of the Internet, anyone can develop a proper understanding of a subject in a convenient manner. In this blog, we will explain What is A2 milk and the health benefits of A2 milk. 

What is A2 Milk? 

Milk is a liquid that is made of two types of proteins. One is known as Whey and the other is Casein. A2 is a type of casein that is predominantly found in native breed cows. Whereas other breeds of cow milk have A1 casein. And it is based on the type of casein researchers have categorized the milk. According to recent studies, there are several benefits of the A2 casein compared to A1 milk. To explain the benefit of A2 milk, it is better to bring the speech of Brutus at Caesar’s funeral. There Brutus admits his love for Caesar isn’t less but his love for Rome is higher. That is exactly also the difference in nutritional value between A2 and A1 milk. A1 doesn’t have lesser nutrition, A2 milk is simply better. Because even the gut of toddlers, infants, and pregnant women can easily break down the A2 casein of native cow milk. Indian breed cow produce milk which has high A2 casein protein. The mechanism of our body can effortlessly break down the components of A2 milk hence people with any kind of health problem can drink A2 milk. 

In addition to protein, A2 milk has one omega-3 fatty acid. Our body requires this type of acid in order to function properly. It reduces the secretion of triglycerides in our bodies. Triglyceride is a type of fat in our blood that can thicken our arteries potentially leading to stroke and other heart-related diseases. 

Benefits of Drinking A2 Milk 

As said earlier, it reduces triglyceride in our body so the heart of people who drink A2 milk is comparatively healthier. The next major benefit of drinking A2 milk is also pertaining to our heart, the omega 3 fatty acid of A2 milk has the ability to stabilize our blood pressure. Blood pressure worsens your health condition slowly and once your body reaches a saturation point it can cause disability too. 

A combination of omega 3 fatty acid and potassium present in A2 milk will keep our blood pressure stable and it can bring down the cholesterol to a great extent. 

If you are someone who exercises regularly, adding A2 milk to your diet will maximize nutritional value and you will stay in pink of health. The price of A2 milk starts from rupees 60 from our website Poorvika Dairy. Our products have passed world-class quality standards and we ensure the nutrients of A2 milk don’t get destroyed by the homogenization and pasteurization process.

Kanakarajan Sivakumar