Why is A2 milk costlier than normal milk

We are pretty sure that most of us are at least partially aware of the benefits of milk. If your answer is going to be a straight no, don’t worry we got you. Milk is rich in several essential nutrients like calcium, protein, and phosphorus. These nutrients are really essential to strengthen our bones and muscles. Having stated the nutritional value of consuming milk, we will be explaining why is A2 milk costlier than normal milk? 

What is A2 Milk? 

A2 is a kind of milk that is produced by Native breed cows only. Milk is made of two types of proteins, whey protein, and beta-casein. Since native cow breeds produce milk that consists of A2 beta-casein, its milk is known by the name A2 milk. The nutritional value of A2 milk is considerably better than conventional A1 milk. 

Not just the nutritional value, the texture and cream content of A2 milk are higher than A1 milk. This is one of the main reasons the taste of dairy products like cheese and cottage cheese made using A2 milk is preferable. 

Physicians also recommend A2 milk for infants, toddlers, pregnant women because it can be easily digested. Also, people who are suffering from lactose intolerance can consume A2 milk in their diet. Compared to other types of milk, A2 is safer to consume. This is why everyone is recommending switching to A2 milk. 

Why is A2 milk costlier than normal milk?

Several years back cows were involved in the domestication process. As a result, cows produced A1 milk. Cows which produce A1 milk are likely to produce more quantity than A2 milk, this is why most of the companies began to sell A1 milk. So that milk can be made available to the public at an affordable price. 

Meanwhile, the quantity of A2 milk is less. Hence the price of A2 milk is expensive than regular A1 milk. Not just the difference in yield causes an increase in price. The maintenance cost of Indian native breed cow is pretty high. And they require world-class care and highly sophisticated infrastructure. Honestly speaking native breed cows need to be treated like an elite guest staying at a star hotel. 

The next big thing about taking care of native breed cows is food. The native breed is obliged to consume highly nutritious food which involves plant mix, wheat bran, and crushed soybean. If you have a look at the price of these food materials, you will also know the most obvious reason behind the price of A2 milk. 

The packaging of A2 milk poses a real threat to companies since pasteurizing it reduces the actual health benefit of A2 milk. Packaging needs to do with the help of automated machinery and biodegradable container. With all these being done, companies also need to ensure that A2 milk reaches consumers within a short span. In order to do this, proper transportation is requisite again the cost of world-class transportation is expensive. These are the reasons why the price of A2 milk is higher than A1 milk

Though others sell A2 milk with a very hefty price tag, the price of A2 milk starts from just rupees 60.

Kanakarajan Sivakumar