Know About our Feed

Some of our cows feed is produced on our farm. Just like each of us, our cows require a balanced diet, and each have their own individual meal plan ,We change each individual cow special feed mix as their needs change with age and the season. As soon as grass starts growing, cows and the younger ones go outside to graze.

Our cows are sometimes pasture fed (Napier grass) which we grow right here on the farm.

Some of our cows can sustain themselves on just grass alone, those are the non-lactating cows (Cows that are not producing milk).

A cow that is lactating has a very high metabolism and is like an Olympic athlete or a newly breast-feeding mother. To feed our cows only grass would be like a marathon runner consuming only lettuce, or a new mother only eating salad. On grass alone, our cows would eventually lose a tremendous amount of weight and be unhealthy. We would never let this happen to our cows as they are part of our family.

Hence, a nutritional forage is needed to be fed. The feed mix consists of plant material only. In fact, we personally mix the feed for cows here, so we know exactly what they are eating.