Our Cattle

Meet Our Desi Gir Cows

Our Cattle, Our Family. We don't look at these magnificent creatures as anything less than Family, and we would like you to meet our beautiful, kind and healthy Gir Cows. And yes, they are always brimming with love, bless their gentle souls!

Our Cattle

Poorvika Dairy is nothing without our graceful cows whom we call our vast, joint family that have etched a permanent place for themselves in our heart. We have been with them since they were born, watching and caring for them as they grew from playful, friendly calves to the majestic, full horned cows that now walk our farm with power and grace.

You will see them from the very moment you enter our farm, hundreds and hundreds of healthy cows, with their gleaming coats hanging out in sections with their peers. Some of them have their favorite spots in our huge grazing and walking ground, and yes, every cow has a unique personality that you will notice when you spend time with them.

Our cows are like huge babies sometimes, very friendly and lovely creatures who will come towards you for attention when you go near them. And with all the pampering and love they get from everyone at Poorvika Dairy and our visitors, they are truly the Divas of our farm!

Caring For Our Gir Buddies
We look after them as we care for our children, taking the utmost care in ensuring nothing but the best, healthiest and most nutritious food for them right from day one. We even have designed their housing according to what is best for them, the baby calves stay with their mother to ensure comfort and affection, and the rest of the cows are housed according to their age group so they can grow up with their peers.

Our Cattle

We have a dedicated team consisting of dozens of specialists just to take care of our Desi Gir Cows, especially since their health and growth are of utmost importance to us. We bathe them often, feed them fresh farm-grown fodder and pamper them to no end every day. This dedicated focus on the health of our Desi Gir Cows is the secret behind the high-quality A2 Milk that we get in return.

We also have a team of in-house veterinary professionals who visit our cattle, check on their health and provide them with treatments if necessary and oversee their dietary intake. This individual attention ensures that our cows don’t face any ailments or vitamin deficiencies.

And yes, if you decide to visit our farm sometimes, do be ready to give a lot of pats and affection to our cows, for trust us, you won’t be able to resist their adorable charm!

What Makes Our Native Gir Cows Special, and Other Questions

There are a few questions we get asked often, one of the main ones being what makes Gir Cows different from the regular Jersey Cows? Well, allow us to explain.

Let’s begin with the basics, you can recognise Desi Gir Cows by their Humps, Horns, Prominent Forehead and Dewlap Folds on their neck. When compared to their foreign counterparts, our Gir Cows have a very unique, majestic build. Our Desi Gir Cows also look more naturally strong and healthier than the foreign breeds which are primary used in the dairy industry. Those foreign breeds have undergone centuries of cross-breeding and were injected with artificial chemicals and hormones which further lead to hormonal corruption over the years.

It is these foreign, non-native breeds like Friesian, Jersey, Holstein to name a few that produce harmful indigestible milk. Sadly, due to globalisation and a rapid decline in the number of native cows, these are the cows that we often see in our localities or at generic farms where we get our milk from. They were imported from western nations as they make a lot more milk when compared to our Native Cows, but this comes at a cost. The cost of their lives, since they are milked more and more, and when they stop providing milk naturally, they are injected with artificial hormones.

As mentioned earlier, this practice was carried out over centuries, and crossbreeding was prominent among various cow species, and so was the practice of injecting harmful antibiotics and hormones to increase their total milk yield. And naturally, this led to genetic corruption in their offspring, which in turn led to them producing milk that was more harmful than the one produced by their previous generation.

When scientists conducted tests and research on the different Cow Breeds in the market to figure out the one with the highest count of pure A2 Gene, it was our native cow breed that came out on top. It is the Desi, Vedically inclined native cows which give us pure, healthy and nutritious A2 Milk. Amongst the list is our Desi Gir Cows, Kangeyam, Sahiwal, Ongole, Kankrej and a few others.

And amongst this list, the milk produced by the Gir Cow is the healthiest and purist to exist. Gir Cows produce a stronger, A2 beta-casein protein-rich milk, which has a multitude of health benefits for all who drink it.

The importance and purity of Gir cows date back to more than 1000 years. It's not just about how Cows were worshipped by Yogis as well as the Gods in the Vedas. Our ancestors even connected the Humps of the Cows, or Naadi with the Sun, Moon and other Celestial Bodies with something called the Surya Kedhu Naadi. This Hump and the Surya Naadi is said to be more prominent in the Gir Cow, and yes, even our Lord Krishna was raised with Gir Cow Milk, and probably even the butter he loved to steal and eat as a baby was very likely made from Gir Cow Milk!

Our Gir Cows are a part of our nation’s history, for well over 3000 years, and they continue to give us healthy & nutritious, organic A2 Milk. And they are extremely friendly, gentle and adorable, trust us, it is hard not to fall in love with them!