Milk & Milk Products: Why A2 Milk?

Milk is an essential part of many people's diets. But did you know that Milk comes in various types? One of the most common varieties is A2 Milk, which provides all the same nutrients as regular milk while also providing missing or reduced benefits. Read this blog post to know more about A2 Milk, A2 milk substitutes and their health benefits!

Milk may be one of the world's most widely consumed beverages, but it still comes in many different forms. Some are healthier than others, so it can be hard to know which type might work best for your needs. While regular milk is a nutritious option, it may not be the best choice for everyone. A2 Milk is an excellent alternative for those who want to choose healthier options. The problem with A1 cows' Milk is that it comes from cows that are fed on genetically modified feed, which includes GMOs and certain toxic chemicals like dioxane. This means that when you're consuming A1 cow's Milk, you're also consuming these artificial substances, which can cause potential adverse health effects.

A2 Milk is produced by cows who produce an enzyme called casein D (C1) lactoferrin that helps the cows tolerate the cow's colostrum. This stands in contrast to other types of Milk, where an antimicrobial protein called beta-lactoglobulin (BLG) from the mother's first batch of Milk provides this characteristic. Cows raised on grass tend to produce less colostrum and less BLG proteins, making them better suited for producing A2 Milk. 

Health Benefits of A2 milk

Let us look at some of the health benefits offered on regular consumption of A2 Milk. 

Helps Digestion

A2 Milk is a type of Milk that is made from cows that have the A2 gene. This gene allows cows to produce lactic acid and helps in the efficient digestion of proteins, minerals, and carbohydrates. A2 Milk also reduces the concentration of harmful bacteria in your gut and helps improve your general health by protecting your microbiome.

Good for Lactose Intolerance 

Cows exposed to bovine somatotropin (BST), which is used in the largest amount of conventional dairy cows, produce more lactose than cows that are non-BST. Cows fed on A2 Milk do not produce enough lactose to cause adverse effects or cause digestive problems to people suffering from Lactose Intolerance. Cows produced for A2 Milk are not exposed to bovine somatotropin (BST), which makes them lactose tolerant. 

Improves Heart Health

It promotes heart health by producing glutathione, a potent antioxidant that decreases inflammation in your blood vessels. Also, A2 Milk is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-9 fatty acids, which plays a major role in improving our heart health. Omega fatty acid reduces triglycerides in our blood and helps reduce the risk of arrhythmias. In addition to it, A2 Milk is also studied to control LDL (bad cholesterol) and improve HDL, which is known as good cholesterol. 

Good for Brain 

A2 Milk provides higher amounts of vitamin D and L-arginine, which aid in heart health and improve brain health. Also, it boosts cognitive health by providing your body with important brain-building nutrients such as arginine, glycine, taurine and tyrosine. A2 Milk supplies higher amounts of essential fatty acids, including DHA and EPA, for activating genes responsible for neuroprotection. 

Boosts our Immune System

Regular consumption of A2 Milk and A2 dairy products provides minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, manganese and zinc without added vitamin supplementation to improve our immune system. It also boosts the immune system by providing B vitamins to increase the activity of T-lymphocytes in our body. 

Stronger Bones and Teeth 

Bone strength is a complicated quality that can be attributed to many factors. One of these factors is calcium intake. A decrease in calcium level may cause osteoporosis and an increased risk for bone fractures. In order to maintain healthy bone density throughout life, one must make sure they get enough calcium daily through diet and supplementation to keep muscles strong and bones healthy. A2 Milk is very rich in calcium, and everyday consumption of A2 Milk can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. 

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Aakash C J