Why is A2 milk better than A1 milk?

After the youngsters of the state brought back cultural identity to its glory, A2 Vs A1 milk has become one of the frequent debates. In this blog, we will be explaining Why is A2 milk better than A1 milk. Since milk is an edible product, we can claim it as better only if it exhibits more nutritional value than the other product existing in the market. 

Importance of Milk

Including milk in our regular diet is important for everyone. Since it is a rich source of several nutrients which is required for our body. Among the other nutrients, Calcium and Protein are the most prominent nutrition found in milk. This is why physicians recommend children, infants, and toddlers consume at least 2 glasses of milk every day. That too, it is better to consume A2 milk. Curious to know why? We will be mentioning the benefits of A2 over A1 milk shortly. 

A2 Milk 

Are puzzled about what does A2 milk means? A2 is just another type of milk with A2 beta-casein. Generally, the milk most people buy from the grocery stores is A1 milk. Milk comprises two types of protein namely Whey and Beta Casein. The one which has A2 beta-casein is called A2 milk. Only native breed Indian Cows have got the ability to produce A2 milk. One of the major benefits of A2 milk is, it is easily digestible than A1 milk. And there are other reasons to claim that A2 milk is better than A1 milk. People with mild lactose intolerance can consume A2 milk without any worries. 

Why is A2 milk better than A1 milk?

It is because A2 milk still remains unadulterated whereas regular A1 milk is actually the modified version of A2 milk. Yeah back then every cow breed produced A2 milk but when human beings began to domesticate cattle, their genetics got modified. As a result, they began to produce A1 milk. Even now Native Indian breed cows produce A1 milk. Thus it is better to consume A2 milk instead of A1 milk. The state of being pure till this day doesn’t make A2 milk a better choice. Comparatively, it has more nutrients than A1 milk thus it is legit to claim that A2 milk is better than A1 milk. 

A2 milk is a great source of Protein and Calcium. Both of these nutrients are essential for our muscles, bones, and teeth. Protein helps to strengthen our muscles and build muscles. So if you are into sports and athletics including A2 milk in your diet will make your body more robust. Though there are other alternatives for protein, it is safe to consume milk. Because the protein content in milk can be effortlessly broken down by the metabolism of our body. 

There is another compelling reason which makes A2 a better option is Omega 3 Fatty Acids. This prevents the thickening of an artery which will eventually lead to cardiac arrest. The best place to buy A2 milk is from Poorvika Dairy because we don’t have any sort of commercialization process like Homogenization. Because it reduces the nutritional value of A2 milk. The price of A2 milk starts from rupees 60. For more info, you can visit the official website Poorvika Dairy.

Kanakarajan Sivakumar