Our Factory

Our Factory

Pristine, Immaculate Floors and Interiors, Breezy Space and a Sterile Environment.

The place where the Magic Happens.

Poorvika Dairy has its farms and factories on the outskirts of Kanchipuram, surrounded by a natural aura, keeping away from the hustle and bustle of the polluted nearby cities.

Our super-cool looking factory is not just a huge building where the magic you receive in packets is sourced and packed. It's also the place where we ensure Milk's High Nutritious value and legitimacy stays intact.

What do we have in our Facility?

We have Pasteurization Machines, Bulk Milk Chillers, Carriers which bring the Automatically Pumped Milk to the factory and Automated Packing Machines that work on their own throughout the Milk's journey without human interaction. These are the only machines we use, so our Milk is as fresh as it's sourced when it reaches you without losing its authenticity.

Our diligent and friendly staff doesn't like leaving any spot unattended. They always make sure that every nook and corner of the factory, including our sourcing machines, the chillers, the pasteurization machines and the packing machines, are always cleaned and maintained to perfection.

The Milk's Journey in our Factory

After the Cows are Milked through a Pump, the Milk travels through a pathway to be automatically transferred to the Pasteurization machine.

The pasteurization machine heats the Milk for a few seconds at a very high temperature and then the Milk gets transferred to be chilled in our Bulk Milk Chiller. This ensures the fat stays high and only the bad bacteria's get killed for a longer preservation period.

Then, the chilled Milk gets automatically transferred to a Package Machine that packs the milk in Reusable & Recyclable Spout Packages and sealed with all its freshness and goodness.

Oh, we also have labs where our experts check every batch to see if the original thickness and fat content remains untouched so that you don't miss that creaminess to make cheese or paneer, or the pure A2 Protein.

We always check to make sure no additives, preservatives, hormones were used in the processes of feeding cows, sourcing milk or while prepping them.

That's it, that's the fresh, untouched, healthy and nutritious Gir Cow A2 Milk you receive!

It's as fresh and healthy as you can get without losing its originality.