Refund policy

1.Before the expiry of the billing period:
Having subscribed for a specified period, if you cancel the subscription in the middle of the billing phase, Poorvika Diary will refund the amount only for the remaining days the diary products are yet to be delivered after deducting any applicable charges.

2.You find the diary products to be stale while using them:
Poorvika Diary commits to replace the milk packet if it gets spoilt within 2 hours of delivery. However, we cannot be held responsible for the products becoming stale while the consumers use them, and hence we cannot initiate any refund process for this. As the products undergo a list of tests and are packed with the utmost care, we are pretty much sure of the quality of products. So, when the products reach the consumers, it is their responsibility to refrigerate and store the products as recommended.

3.Products delivered despite pausing the subscription for few days:
Orders that were halted/paused diligently through the app or website can only be considered a standing instruction. Any pausing instruction through word of mouth to delivery partner delivered the next day can't be considered for a refund.

4.Products not delivered due to unforeseen incidents/natural calamities:
In cases where your diary products were not delivered due to unforeseen happenings like strikes, milk spoilage, national bundh or other natural calamities like storm, flood, earthquake, etc., Poorvika Diary will refund you the products' value

5.Receiving a different quantity or different product other than what is ordered:
If you have received a lesser quantity than what you have ordered, Poorvika Diary will refund you the balance. If you are provided with a product different from your order, kindly contact us in +919566812345