A2 Milk - Poorvika Dairy
A2 Milk
Rs. 40 Rs. 60
A2 Ghee - Poorvika Dairy
A2 Ghee
Rs. 499
A2 Paneer - Poorvika Dairy
A2 Paneer
Rs. 200
A2 Butter - Poorvika Dairy
A2 Butter
Rs. 100

Poorvika Dairy

We at Poorvika Dairy follow rich traditional practices with uncompromised quality, ensuring that we deliver Health and Happiness to all our customers.

"Purity of Nature Quality of Motherhood"

A2 Milk - Poorvika Dairy

A2 Milk

Farm fresh & pure A2 Gir Cow Milk  from our own farm. Hi tech dairy farms where we ensure cow comfort, hygiene, health and high quality feed grown by us using own cow manure.