Can A2 milk help children with autism?

Ever since the youngsters of Tamil Nadu brought back the cultural identity of the state A1 Vs A2 milk has become a constant debate. These kinds of debates have brought two outcomes, the first is people began to realize the goodness of A2 milk. And the next is, there are so many questions regarding the health benefits of A2 milk and how is it better than A1 milk? This blog will be an answer to a few questions on A2 milk and can A2 milk help children with Autism? Yeah definitely but how? Scroll down to know the answer to this question. 

What is Autism? 

Autism is nothing but a kind of disorder. To be more specific, it is a neurological disorder that will affect the communication and social-behavioral skills of a person. This is a common medical complication for children. According to statistics, 1 child in 500 is suffering from this complication. If you are simply ignoring autism, the child will not develop social skills at any cost. To recover from this, a child requires the appropriate treatment and a good diet which consists of milk. Consuming milk itself is beneficial that too if the child is consuming A2 milk, the end result is going to be much better. Genetics, environment we live is the major causes of autism. The first thing you need to do if your child suffers from autism, you must consult a physician and follow the steps recommended by the doctor. 

Can A2 milk help children with autism? 

We all know that drinking milk daily improves health conditions. And it is one of the key elements for us to stay in pink of health. Compared to the A1 milk available in the grocery stores, A2 milk has got more nutrition and better health benefits. This is why you must also consider switching to A2 milk. 

A2 is the type of beta-casein found in milk. Only the native Indian breed cows are capable of producing A2 milk. So consuming A2 milk on a regular basis improved the speaking and listening skills of children diagnosed with Autism. In simple words, A2 milk definitely helps children with Autism to an extent. It acts as a supplement for children suffering from this neurological disorder. Initially, all cow breeds produced A2 milk only. Later when cross-breeding began to happen, European cows began to produce A1 milk. Please read our blog on why is A2 milk better than A1 milk to know the goodness of A2 milk. You can buy the best A2 milk from our Poorvika Dairy. The price of A2 milk starts from rupees 60. 

Since A2 milk also contains a lesser amount of BCM-7, it is easily digestible by our intestines. And it is also safe for people with mild lactose intolerance to drink A2 milk. The best thing about buying A2 milk from Poorvika Dairy is, we don’t do any sort of commercialization process like pasteurization, homogenization. By avoiding these processes, we trying to retain the goodness and benefits of A2 milk. Hope the blog answered your question and explained the goodness of drinking A2 milk.

Kanakarajan Sivakumar