A2 Milk / Gir Cow

The A2 milk company – Our cows and farm

Milk is a great source of protein and calcium, especially it is great for kids, teenagers, and pregnant women. Most of us grew up by drinking milk either out of our own will or by compulsion because our parents knew the greatness of milk. But back then most of us didn’t have access to become healthier, options which are known as the A2 milk. Unlike other industries, companies don’t use A2 for marketing purposes. Because A2 isn’t a fancy term like most of us think. It is the name of beta-casein found in milk. Most of the companies sell A1 milk and since A2 has more nutritional value than A1, so we have stepped into the dairy industry. Thus we can offer better products which will enhance the health condition of our body. This blog will be a description of our cows and farm.
Kanakarajan Sivakumar
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